Educate Yourself First about the 

Education Choices in our area...  

Families with school age children are attracted to the Charlotte region for many reasons like the great weather and the ability to play sports year'round or the many attractions like the arts, museums and entertainment centers.

With children come the great questions like: Which areas have the "best schools"?  What are our choices for public, private and magnet schools? Where do I find information about the rankings of a school before I choose where to buy a home? What about local universities?

All of these are very valid concerns for parents and students alike. Before you make decisions about education, educate yourself about the choices available in our area- There are many!

We've added links to great articles about local schools, as well as the N.C. and S.C. public and private school links below.

So sharpen your pencils and get on with your research!

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