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Sara White, co-founder of CLT Residential talks about the upcoming sale of their family home, Reggie

After 16 years of selling real estate, teaching new agent classes and promoting other Charlotte firms, I decided that I was ready to create my own small real estate company. Over the years, myself and my fellow agents had thrown around the idea and all decided, in the end, it would just be "too much work". However, in 2010, with the market taking a dip and a little more time to be creative, I ventured out into the brokerage business. Just a couple of weeks later, I received a phone call from one of those fellow Realtors, who said something like, "you are not going to do this without me!" The rest is history and this summer I will celebrate our firm's eighth year and more proudly, with Sara White by my side as my co-founder and friend.

I didn't really know Sara during her years with Reggie, as she got licensed shortly after his passing, but I understand why everyone who meets her, falls in love with her. Sara is so engaging and takes a personal interest in the people she works with to the point that you feel like you have always known her. Over the years, she has struggled with the idea of selling this home that represents the past, having had several interested parties who offered to buy through a lease/purchase. Not until now has the family decided that it is truly time to let it go, to share it with a new family who will cherish it just as much.

Sara and I founded our company, CLT Residential Real Estate Partners on the cornerstone of our complete dedication to our buyers and sellers. So, when a specialty property such as this magnificent house goes on the market, it takes the ability to "think outside the box" to pair it with the perfect, qualified buyers. What happened next in the life of this listing is a testament to how much I believe in our partnership. We are a small firm with both a presence in the Lake Norman and Charlotte markets. Sara heads up the CLT Team in Mooresville with her daughter, Jecolia, who is also one of our agent partners. I primarily head up the Myers Park and South Charlotte teams. In order to attract attention to a high end luxury listing, not only do you have to properly market the listing, but the more exposure you have locally, the better the chance of a local buyer. Sara suggested a partnership with Mooresville Realty, owned by her friend, Lisa Cernuto. (All of the agents reading this just gasped, but, yes, we are co-listing two properties together in order to assure the best service to our clients.)

Most importantly, Sara and her children are donating a percentage of their proceeds from the sale of their home to Dreamsleep through the Reggie White Foundation for Sleep Apnea. This condition was named as a factor in Reggie's death in 2004 and Sara has worked tirelessly as a spokeperson through the foundation that bears her late husband's name. Reggie's legacy for his accomplishments on the playing field has long since been heralded through the NFL Hall of Fame. While known as the "minister of Defense", Reggie tirelessly shared his love of God through speaking appearances and preaching God's word. In a recent interview with the Charlotte Observer, Jeremy, Jecolia and Sara talk about how his death has brought focus to the sleep apnea cause. Yet, one of his biggest successes was the character of the family he left behind. Their faith and devotion is evident in who they are and everything that they do, so it was not susprising when they did something out of character by allowing media attention on themselves, all to benefit a worthy cause. You will can hear their words in this link to the interview about Reggie's legacy that recently was featured in the online version of the Charlotte Observer.

Take a minute to read the full story that appeared in the blog of Observer columnist, Theoden Janes.

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