• Karla Green Roberts, CLTREP Owner

So Many Buyers...so little to show!

Being in real estate since 1994, I have been through the ups & downs, fast-moving & slow-downs. But recently, it's been like 1999...multiple offers, overbidding, waiting in line to show houses...

but 1999 never looked so good when you throw in the wrench that is 2020: COVID-19!

What does this mean for sellers? If you are brave enough to trust buyers parading through your home wearing masks and gloves, wiping everything they touch with disinfectant, you can feast on what is still very much a SELLERS' MARKET! Without COVID, the Charlotte MLS already had too few listings to feed our "buyer beast". But throw in the threat of our health and lots of potential sellers said, "No thanks, I'll wait 'til next year!"

Buyers, however, are eager to take advantage of the historically LOW INTEREST RATES that just keep going lower! Yet, one thing is always true of our market: Seller's gotta sell and buyers gotta buy! It seems like even COVID can't stop the need to move for better schools, better jobs, better floorplans, better neighborhoods...and so it goes!

Statistics tell us that even with the state momentary lock down (after a few weeks, our real estate boards, along with governing bodies, deemed Realtors "essential"), the real estate market is still booming for now, even if its just drop-kicking the usual summer slump of July & August. We are real estate professionals and we take our jobs very seriously, especially during these uncertain times. Here are the guidelines from the National Association of Realtors that we are enforcing as well strive to keep the homes selling and clients safe!

Basically I share these guidelines with buyers to alert them to what may be different for them as we begin our tours:

You can be assured that at CLT Residential, we take your health very seriously! It is our intention to proceed with our business using every safety precaution. Contact any of our agents if you have questions about buying or selling during this crazy time! We are always here for you!

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